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Welcome to River Waldron!

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How this site will be organised

This site has eventually been set up, more or less permanently, now. After much thought, it seemed that the content was not really suitable for a Blog, neither was it entirely a standard website. In the end, a solution that allowed aspects of both seemed best. However, certainly at the beginning, there will be no other contributors except myself. So, one crucial bit of information is "Who am I?". You can find out by choosing items in the menu of the sidebar.

Some things I write could fall into a number of categories or sections. I will place pointers in all relevant sections for all relevant articles which are positioned in other sections on this website. Eventually, a system of categories will be formally introduced which can be used to help searching for things if what I write gets too extensive.

River Waldron?

What is it?

The River Waldron also goes by the name of the "Valley Brook". It is a small river (really a stream) that rises near Audley in Staffordshire, and then enters the county of Cheshire (my home county) to flow by Alsager. It then flows through my home village of Haslington, through the small village of Crewe Green and through the town of Crewe, going underneath Crewe's Queens Park, and then eventually flows into the River Weaver, all in South Cheshire, in the United Kingdom.

Why use this as the site name?

I know this area very well, and it has a special place in my heart, especially the River Waldron in its stretch where it passes by Crewe Golf Course, and along which I used to play with friends when I was very young and living there. It is still a place I can return to and rest by its side and so I just chose it as the website name.

To a large extent, I think that if you really want to understand me, you should first go to Haslington, walking around the old part of it, and then walking to the River Waldron, trying to walk along its banks and imagining what it was all like in the 1950s and very early 1960s. What happened to me later and what I did later merely elaborate on the things that were moulded by a childhood in Haslington and my times spent playing along the river bank there. Of course, that is not all; you need to read more to get a bigger picture of me. But, if I wanted to be overly dramatic, I could say "Around here you may find part of the soul of David Dudley Stretch".