Chacony Series

The Chacony series will become a linked set of stories that, at their loosest connection, are set in the same universe: the Chacony system. The element of surprise I desire means that I will not give too much away here, but I hope I have enough time left to me to be able to give at least an outline of what I would like the series to be, thinking it might then be taken forward by other authors under certain restrictions.

The series of stories so far planned are given below, and , where appropriate, texts of the stories will be revealed either here or in a specific extra website that will be formally launched once a reasonable amount of work on the series has been finished.

So, the stories as finished or planned so far are:

  • The Persistence of memories
  • The Burdens We Carry
  • Into the Shadows of The Bufferlands
  • The Curse of Intelligence
  • Tripartite Perversions
  • My Menagerie Friend
  • Bourbaki, Maimonides, and the Feynman Disaster