Contacting Me

The only reasons for contacting me at the moment are the following:

  • to report some grammatical, formatting, or spelling mistake;
  • to discuss some issue that I covered or make some other meaningful contribution or observation to a discussion;
  • to lavish praise upon me for what I've written; or
  • to suggest I should try my hand at the activity I am most likely to succeed better at: for example, watching paint dry.

But in any of these cases, the question remains: how do you contact me? The answer, in short is "you can't!"

Well, that is not the entire story, though. Look upon it as a kind of intelligence test:

  1. People who already know me will know how to contact me;
  2. Those who don't know me, but who are intelligent can probably work out a way;
  3. Those who don't fall into either of the previous two groups will probably have to wait.

There may be some facility added later to send me short messages from within this site, but I can't guarantee it.