My Names

Because I've spent a lot of my time in China, and I have very close Chinese connections, I have used Chinese names, and I still am happy to be known by one of them. So, here is a list of the names and some short details about them:

UK name
David Dudley STRETCH This is a standard British name, though "Stretch" is unusual, and "Dudley" is not often used today as a name. In my case, it came from a name on my mother's father's side of the family. The family name is associated particularly with Cheshire, my home county, and it is derived from an Anglo-Saxon name which means "strong", "fierce", or "violent".
First Chinese name
ZHANG Dawei, 张大卫 (or Dawei ZHANG, to put it in Western order). This was the first Chinese name I used, Dawei is one of the recognised Chinese forms for David, and Zhang has one of its meanings a little similar to "Stretch". It was still used by myself on Facebook until very recently. However, I quickly moved onto the second, and more permanent Chinese name...
Second Chinese name
QU Dawei, 屈大卫 (or Dawei QU). This was chosen to fit in more with my wife's family name, thus not causing problems with my son and I not sharing the same family name. This is the name I would commonly use if I were in China.
Assertion probably required for Copyright reasons
For various reasons to do with a fictional universe I am creating as a writer, I wish to assert that I can also be known as "The Head Librarian, The Library of Guyfen in Sung" or "Xavvy Lin". If this seems incomprehensible or confusing to you, all will be revealed later. (dated 2016-08-14)